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Legal Steroids Reviews and Recommended Cycles

Cutting Workout Phase

Legal steroid formulas available for cutting include CB-Clen, Winstrall, and Finaplex.

Winstrall is another of the legal steroids in the cutting category that is used during both the cutting and hardness phase of training. Most people use Winstrall during a cut up phase, but it can be stacked with added benefit while building as well. Winstrall plays an important role in mood and well-being. It is also believed to be key in the CNS regulation of lipolysis and metabolism.

Dieting is often believed to lower levels of acetylcholine in the brain which in turn may work against the dieter by interfering with the normal regulation of metabolism and lipolysis. Its effect is presumably not local but is still intended to support fat loss by helping to regulate normal brain control over tissue metabolism. The legal steroids are used during the cutting and hardness phase of training.

Finaplex, not to be confused with the animal pellet of a similar name, is another potent legal option that can be used during lean mass hardening and strength phase and is also used for increased recovery.

Clen or CB is the same product and another of the legal steroids that is made of a unique clenbuterol free formula of constituents of vasodilators saponin Xgnathine. It is used as a fat burner on or after bulking cycles, by itself, or stacked with DCP. CB Clen doesn’t give the jittery ephedrine feeling one of the best fat burners contains.

Bulking / Mass Workout Phase

Building bulk or mass is one of the biggest benefits bodybuilders look for when using steroids. For many bodybuilders, legal steroids are the key to getting the bulk they want from their workouts. The bulk builders are one of the important categories of legal steroids at Zoe Labs. Legal products available for bulk/mass include Dianobol, Parabol, Sustinon, Equipoison, Dekka, and Annadrall.
Our popular product Dianobol is made for real world results – muscle gain and strength gains. For most users, Dianobol is very safe when taken within the normal dosage range of under 7 tabs daily. Used properly, you should not experience any side effects or the need of any antiestrogens. Legal steroids that are not from Zoe Labs probably aren’t Dianobol and may be counterfeits. Make sure your Dianobol has the new counterfeit proof label from Zoe Labs.

Annadrall contains a potent formula that is for adult males only. If your only goal is to obtain bulk, this legal steroid is the answer. You can use Annadrall alone or in any cycle for size and strength. Just one tab daily is all that is needed for mass and strength gains that help you meet your goals. Our latest formula has no toxicity of the liver and kidneys.


Testosterone is the primary muscle building hormone-higher levels of testosterone in the blood stream aka free testosterone lead to bigger muscles and lower body fat levels. The bulking and massing group of legal steroids also includes our real testosterone tabs, not a pro-hormone booster or increaser. Testosterone tablets are used when trying to put on mass or lose fat. These work better than the cream real testosterone and are not an herbal testosterone increaser. This product produces no side effects at normal dosages.

Hardness Workout Phase

When you buy legal steroids that are used for hardness, it means that it supplies very lean hard mass and increased muscle without a lot of water weight gain. Hardness of the muscle is an important benefit of products like Dekka, Equipoison, Parabol and Finaplex – all available from Zoe Labs to help you get the hard muscles you want.

Dekka contains the most popular legal steroid used today and gives desirable results without the commonly occurring side effects seen with other compounds of the same potency. Many who have used it report lean mass, no bloating, good strength gains, and a feeling of improvement of their joints. Dekka is considered one of the safest anabolic compounds and is a must-have in any cycle.

Parabol is the closest thing to anabolic steroids that you can get legally. Parabol is used for muscle hardness and is taken with food 15 minutes before workout on workout days. Watch your diet while you are taking Parabol so that you are sure to get only the hard, lean muscle you want. Parabol is as close to the molecular structure of real anabolic steroids that you will find in a legal product that does not cause estrogen conversion. Parabol also contains ATP, sitosterols and more.

Equipoison is a high performing steroid alternative that make it easy to get results during lean mass hardening and strength phase. This product is a combination which includes pepsin which is absorbed by cells for use as metabolic fuel or construction of new proteins. The ingredients exert insulin-mimicking effects to give muscles and unprecedented “pump” by shuttling glucose and amino acids directly into muscle tissue.

DCP is used before bed with or without food when GH output is at its highest. It works as a night time appetite suppresser and is used during cutting and hardness phase of training. Each bottle comes with 50 tablets for a 25 to 50 day supply.

Growth Releasers

The line of legal steroids at Zoe Labs includes two products classified as growth releasers. DCP and GH tabs. DCP comes in a bottle of 50 tabs for a 25-50 day supply. Take 1-2 tabs before bed with or without food. This supplement is used when GH output is at its highest and during anti-estrogen cycles. It also works as night time appetite suppressor and sleep aid. Use the DCP during the cutting and hardness phase of training. The GH tabs are a formula that is commonly used in supporting bulking cycles when trying to add strength and size. They are taken when trying to bulk or lean up or just to get in shape. Take advantage of these legal steroids to take it to the next level.


All of the legal steroids used for bulking, cutting, or for increasing hardness of muscle can be purchased separately or in stacks. When you purchase two of the legal steroids, you get the third one at a lower price for free!  You can stack the legal steroids from these categories with those from the hardness categories including Dekka, Equipoison, Parabol, and Finaplex. Some of the legal steroids are listed in more than one category because they are used for more than one type of result.

If you like the idea of getting the results of steroids without the risk, legal steroids can provide you with an effective alternative. Place your order today to start getting the results you want from your workout.